Introducing Kobo
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Introducing Kobo

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Since eBooks and eReaders began gaining in popularity, our customers have asked how independent bookstores fit into this new world. We know our customers love physical books (glossy photography books; signed first-edition novels; letter-press editions; the sand-between-the-pages feel of a mass market paperback at the beach), but for many people, eReaders can be a practical addition to a literary life. Now, thanks to a partnership between the American Booksellers Association (the trade association for independent bookstores) and Kobo, we finally have a great answer.

Why Kobo?

Kobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services, with millions of readers from more than 170 countries.

  • Kobo eReading Catalog - Kobo has a world-class eBook catalog with over three million titles, including award winners, bestsellers, Indie Next List picks, free public-domain titles, and other recommendations. Prices are competitive with other eBook sellers.

  • Kobo Free eReading Apps - Kobo is all about being open so you can read however you want. Once you download their free app to your smartphone, desktop, or tablet, your eBooks, PDFs, ePubs, and even your bookmarks, are in sync – start on one device and pick up on another and never lose your place. Set up your Kobo account through our link so that when you purchase eBooks you are supporting this store.

  • Kobo Ease of Use and Customer Care - The Kobo experience is flexible, easy, and enjoyable. Pick up great indie-recommended and bestseller eBook titles, as well as staff picks. Got questions? Kobo offers first-rate Reader support from 8am to midnight (ET) every day.

  • A Kobo eReader for Everyone - We are proud to offer a selection of Kobo devices. Once you’ve registered a Kobo account through our link, with each Kobo eBook you purchase, you are supporting this store.

  • Shopping Indie - To purchase eBooks from us, just set up your Kobo account here or through any Kobo eReader purchased at Harvard Book Store. Kobo is the best way to support your local, independent bookstore and to fulfill all your eReading needs.

How Do I Get Started Buying eBooks?

  1. Register for a Harvard Book Store affiliated Kobo account at, or via your eReader bought from our store or here.

  2. Login to with your new account to browse, search for, and buy eBooks.

  3. Start reading! Download a free Kobo reading App to read on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. (You can also purchase eBooks through the app. Sign into the app with your new Kobo account and continue to support this store. We sure do appreciate it!) Purchase an eReader in our store, or here on our site.

Other Resources

Questions? Contact the Kobo Help Line directly at, or 855-202-4098 (8am - 12am EST)

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Digital Books

Introducing Kobo, our new eReading partner. Kobo is the best way to read eBooks while supporting Harvard Book Store.

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